We build websites that drive your business

Expand your brand and handle anything
from sales to reservations.

Meet an expert
Odoo Rental video
A form being filled out to rent a printer in Odoo Rentals

Control your site

check your site With our intuitive and customizable control panel.

Are you tired of sending things to your “website guy” and waiting? We can make any part of your website easily customizable so that you can always update your content, images, URL’s and meta - data quickly and without anyone’s help.

API and plug - in ready

Use any and all of the tools at your disposal

If your customers need a Google Maps widget, easy text contact through Whatsapp, or any other integrated third - party functions, we can set it up for you in no time.

A desktop showing af rental order in Odoo Rentals

Methods and technology

We use languages such as HTML5, Bootstrap, and CSS with .NET & MVC.

Private hosting on our personal business servers.

Database config with SQL Server.

Easy SEO Management through control panels.