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Manage your online business

From desktop or mobile through our cloud - based ecommerce platform.

You can use our system to manage your users, permissions, controls, inventory, billing and shipping and more. You can also create inventory rules - to - follow, set automatic notifications and create promo codes for your customers. Everything is backed up on t he cloud and every transaction is secure thanks to Paypal and Stripe.

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Optimize and simplify your inventory

With automatic alerts, calculations, and multiple locations

Set rules for the movement, purchase or sale of inventory goods in order to reduce and automate shipping and supplier orders. Create product variations with unique pricing settings and inventory counts. Our platform also allows you to manage multiple shops or warehouses with one single account

Run your physical and online stores from the same place

To increase efficiency and start saving


Track every process

Analyze product routes to find slow - downs and issue

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Intuitive control panel

Customize your websites and products in real time

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Checkout with Stripe or Paypal

Easy and simple checkout process using Stripe or Paypal, no account required.

Use multiple different types of shipping

For different customers or products

Manage the entire shipping process from our platform, from the type of cost calculation to the registration of tracking numbers. Calculate shipping costs for any type of product, anywhere in the country (or the world).

Manage your shipping process directly from our platform, calculating costs and providing tracking numbers to your custome rs. You can set different shipping types and price calculations for different products – so literally anything will fit.